Terry Gilliam – Film Director

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013

Terry Gilliam

I sent Terry the image I shot of his hands, and the next day he sent this one back. Genius.

This isn’t the final image of course, though I rather wish it was. Typical of a man with such a great imagination to have taken my idea and made it much better. I had just ten minutes in a dark stairwell in a Soho editing suite to try to catch Terry’s hands is a suitably whacky way. I’d spent much of the night before making daft shapes with my hands, trying to find something that made me think of Terry Gilliam. This shape seemed to me to be a mixture of the Jabberwocky and the Knights of Ni, perfect for him, and fortunately he got it straight away. He was deep in the edit for his latest film The Zero Theorum and working flat out, so I was very grateful for his time and kindness.