The Original Stig - Perry McCarthy
Perry is best known as the original Stig from the TV series Top Gear. When he first drove Formula One cars there was no power steering, and just a fraction of the technical wizardry that they contain today. F1 drivers need to be incredibly fit and physically strong to drive their cars and his hands needed both strength and sensitivity, so that he could control them whilst at the same time ‘feeling’ them.
Driving fast and powerful cars is an art as well as a skill, where once you had a few pedals, a shift and a steering wheel, the cars are now highly technical. The steering wheel alone has paddle controls for fuel mix, differential settings, the gears, brake balance and radio controls and changing gear is done in milliseconds.

“Driving is principally a cerebral business, but your body and hands need to feel how the car is behaving and responding to both your instructions and the road conditions. When things go wrong that’s when your hands have to move lightning fast”

A Show of Hands
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