Sharon Bindon - Falconer
Sharon Bindon – Falconer. The level of mutual trust needed to hold a huge bird of prey in your bare hands is quite extraordinary. Those talons are designed to rip through bare flesh with consummate ease, and yet the bond Sharon has with her birds is so strong that all she gets is a few inevitable scratches. Sharon has been working with birds of prey for over twelve years, and in that time has built up an astonishingly close relationship with them. When working them she communicates with her voice and hands, using a range of signals and gestures that birds respond to. At any time the birds are free to fly off, but in twelve years only one has chosen to leave. Sharon works with her birds at public displays, for hunting, at event days, with private clients for pest control and more recently as a rehabilitation exercise with soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the Afghan conflict.

A Show of Hands
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