Horseback Archer - Tom Drury
“Light hands on reins, loose grip on bow, deft handling of arrow fitting to string at gallop. Eyes on target, calm breath, keep balance, release breath and arrow as horse “floats” between hooves hitting ground, fit 2nd arrow, shoot, then 3rd arrow twisting to face behind, “parting – Parthian” shot. It’s about letting go….release focus on horse, release focus of bow and arrow, release breath, release arrow. A 100 yard gallop shooting 3 arrows at 3 targets is over in just 9 or 10 seconds. It’s like letting go of worry, beyond concentration, shooting without aiming, it’s loose, light, easy, free. Alive.

Meg, my 18 year old mare, I’ve had for 14 years. A great forward going ride, unusual for a wagon-pulling cob. The bow is a Hungarian re-curve 30lb Grozer, light, springy and beautiful. Designed for Horseback-Archery.

My hands…. an incredible evolutionary wonder, opposable thumb ‘n all. Tools beyond compare. Abused, aching, scarred, bashed, cut, bruised, tough, tender. I use them without thinking: archery, karate, guitar, chess, hedge-laying, holding my children’s hands….”

A Show of Hands
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