Hair Stylist - Nicky Clarke
Nicky began dabbling in hairdressing at the age of 14 and it soon became an all-consuming passion. He has cut and styled the hair of too many thousands of people to count. His unique style has made him an international icon in the world of hair and he’s become a personal stylist to movie stars, princesses
and pop icons.

“I’m more of an organic hairdresser than a structured one. I work as though the hair is a sculpture, using a very specific, almost mathematical method, it’s a mixture of art and craft and it comes instinctively. Having a passion for what you do is vital, it’s not just a case of technical ability, to go further you need to feel it within you. Keeping fluidity in my hands, in the way I hold my scissors, allows them to interpret what’s in my mind.”

A Show of Hands
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