Peter Layton Glass Blower
Peter has been creating beautiful glass for over fifty years. He began experimenting as part of the Studio Glass Movement back in the 1960s that more or less re-invented the whole process.

“It’s a continually evolving art form, no two pieces are ever the same. It’s such a seductive medium, so immediate and versatile that it draws you in and gets you hooked.”

Self-taught as a glassmaker, Peter Layton’s work is organic and tactile, striving to achieve a form of controlled asymmetry. Each piece represents an adventure and a challenge to control form and colour, while allowing the fluidity of the glass to contribute its own qualities and characteristics. The white powder flowing through his fingers is called Frit and is used to colour the glass. He once burnt the back of his hand in the States when blowing, he didn’t notice till he smelt burning flesh and thought it was the end of his glassblowing career.

A Show of Hands
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