Dave Sales - Fisherman
Dave has worked on lobster boats off the Dorset coast for sixty years, since he was seventeen, hauling ten miles of rope a day, to deck up to six hundred lobster pots. In the early days no-one gave a thought to wearing gloves, and the cold wet rope would take its toll on his hands, rubbing them raw. “It used to bring the blood out of you.” he says. In winter he’d wrap sacking round his hands to keep the cold at bay. Lobster pots were made by hand back then, and he’d bend and weave six-gauge wire for hours on end. He still goes out on his boat from West Bay to bring in his pots when the weather isn’t too rough.

“When you consider the abuse these hands have had over the years, and the tasks I’ve put them through, they’ve done me really well.”

A Show of Hands
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