Mike Lindup – Keyboards. Level 42

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013

Mike Lindup

The images used in this blog are not the ones I will be using for the final show, they are alternates used basically because it seems daft to have a photography blog without images.

When will this winder bloody end! It was a cold, grey and basically deeply grim day so I had to shelve my original idea and work with what I had. We shot it in Mike’s studio at his home in London using what little light deigned to trickle through the window. He has beautifully structured and long fingered hands, much as one would expect for a pianist, and I wanted to try to convey this in the image despite the lack of light. Up went the ISO, and Mike obligingly kept his hand rock steady. It was a really pleasant shoot as he’s such a nice guy, and we chatted about his work and passion for photography over a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m especially grateful for his comment on the collection to date “After a while it feels like you’re looking at faces”, it’s so gratifying when someone understands what this project is all about.